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19 Sep
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For learning English, you don’t have to always hang on the textbooks or writing things. There is another element that can help you with the language and at the same time bring you joy and that is “music”.

How does listening to music help you learn English?


Music improves your vocabulary and listening skills

When listening to a song, you’ll pick up new words that you haven’t heard before or noticed some words that are being used in a different context with a different meaning. Listening to (and studying) a new song per week can help you learn 52 songs a year, which are full of new vocabulary and phrases that are difficult to forget.


Speak like the natives

Song lyrics contain slang, figures of speech, symbolism, and metaphors that you may not use in your everyday language. They also contain abbreviations in the written language that you can learn and use in an informal situation, such as text messaging or Internet-specific terminology.


Practice for your pronunciation

As you listen to the music you learn what the correct pronunciation of the words is or what kind of intonation or feelings are behind the words used. Singing will help you to learn the correct pronunciation of the words and will also help you remind easily the new vocabulary you have learned.


Finding grammar mistakes

If you have a good eye for mistakes, you can find many grammar “exceptions” songwriters usually use. Sometimes singers need to adapt the lyrics to the rhythm of the song, so they take some creative liberties and use grammatical errors on purpose. It’s not only funny when you catch them, but it’s also very helpful to spot these errors as a way to practice your grammar knowledge. For instance, in the Beatles’ song “Ticket to Ride” the chorus says: She’s got a ticket to ride, but she don't care. She doesn’t care is grammatically correct, but it just doesn’t sound good.


Knowing more about the culture

Some songs have stories in them. Stories that come from the heart of that country or people living there. Listening to those songs helps you to know more about the culture.


So put on your favorite songs and start learning and improving your English. It doesn’t have to be always rigid and serious, music is a great help.

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