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22 Jul
ENG45  1

Listening to news is one of the best ways to learn English

Learn English by listening to news
Surely we all need to listen to English speakers talk if we want to learn proper English and increase our understanding of words, phrases, figures of speech, and slangs. There are many ways to do this, but one particular way seems to affect people more than others. Listening to news that we like can really improve the way we learn English. This especially takes effect when we listen to news we like and are familiar with. For example, some people really like political news, while others enjoy updates on economic factors, whether they are regional or global. The general rule is that people follow news they know more about. So if you are an artist or cultural enthusiast, then art based news or cultural headlines are for you. This way you are more familiar with the terms that are used and also your motivation for listening is relatively higher when you listen to what interests you. Therefore, pick a topic you would like to know more about or like to be updated on and find a news source. This will help you establish a good method for learning English as you work on your listening skills. Just make sure you repeat what the broadcaster is saying and practice all the words that are new to you. If you grab a pen and a paper and write down words you are interested in learning, then you are good to go. This way you can also expand your vocabulary. Don’t forget to repeat what you like out loud and do it a few times so you can grasp the pronunciation correctly.
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