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10 Aug
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Listening to English short stories on podcasts and audio books

Short stories that are offered as book app happen to be great tools as well as really enjoyable hobbies. The great thing about them is that when you want to do something fast that helps you relax, such as listening to something, and you also want to finish it in less than an hour, there is nothing better than listening to one or two short stories. Short stories are great for English students because they do not get boring, are strait to the point and finish off, which feels good, since something is also accomplished. Short stories are in English exams at every level and help with comprehension, because everything is on point and the writer opens a description and closes it quickly, so things are clear and there are not too many adjectives. This makes them great for English students because they not only have the chance to work on their English listening skills, but can really get into a story and develop comprehension skills as well. Below is a list of more reasons why listening to short stories online can and will improve English language skills:
First, when a short story is finished, most readers cannot help themselves but to start the next story and the one after that. That is because they are usually very insightful and produce incentive for more stories, since the fact of finishing a read feels great.
Second, online short stories allow us to find new writers and search them up. That way we can read different genres and listen to new authors and find out what we love. This produces even more incentive for this type of language practice and just sheer preference. It also expands your knowledge on writers and how they write.
Third, all the incentive can pull you into the healthy habit of daily reading, which keeps the mind young and happy. Between Facebook, Instagram and short stories, there is a choice and once you open a book app and listen to some stories for fifteen minutes every day, you truly feel progress in your English.

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