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17 Sep
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By developing your listening skills as an English learner you can overcome the dependence on the English classes. If you follow the following framework it will help you with your listening skills. The more you practice by yourself the sooner you can be more relaxed with the listening task.

Let us look at the framework that can be used for your practice.



Before each listening tries to look at all the pictures, titles, headlines or anything that attracts your eyes first. Those things show you what’s going on in the listening. Always make yourself ready to listen. Know what is happening in the task so you have a pre-idea about the story you are going to listen to.

While listening:

The listening task is usually repeated three to four times to be understood. By pre-listening and knowing what the issue is at first you listen just to get used to the speed and the text itself. The second time you can listen for more details and with more relaxation. The third and fourth it is usually more understood.


For each listening task, there are some questions to evaluate your comprehension. By answering the questions you can understand how much you understood the text. If there is still some ambiguities you can listen again.

After you are done with the activity try to write down a conclusion from the listening that you had. What did you hear? What was it about? What did you learn? What were the grammatical points? What about other things like accents, idioms, stresses used by the speakers. By writing a conclusion you get the chance to gather your mind about the task and if there is anything still missing you can go back again and do the listening one more time.


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