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21 Feb
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As an English learner, it may be hard for you while listening to an exercise and not knowing what to do. Here are some hints for you to follow in order not to be confused while listening.


Know the purpose

Behind every listening exercise, there is a purpose of doing that. Try to know what the point and the purpose is. Your teacher usually tries to make that clear to you but if you are alone or asked to find it out yourself you can look at the pictures that are there for you or read the titles around it, then you will have an idea about what is going on.


Read the related questions before listening

Before you start listening to the exercise read the questions that are there for the exercise. In this way, you will have an idea of what you are going to listen to and are more concentrated on the parts that you are going to be asked for.


Listen carefully

When your listening starts to try to concentrate on the conversation and don’t let anything distract you. Because if you are distracted then you miss most of the information that you need for the exercises. Therefore, try to listen carefully and don’t miss a point.


Once is not enough

Of course, listening for once is not enough for you and your teacher knows about it, so if you miss something then don’t worry because you are going to listen again. Remember in the important exams your listening part is played only once so try to get used to listening only for one time.


Take notes

While listening it’s a good idea to take some notes so you don’t forget the things you hear. It was said above that you should read questions before listening to have an idea about the skill and now it’s time to use that information to guess where they are needed.


The last advice for you is as for all other skills listening needs a lot of practicing so don’t forget to practice every day to be a better listener.

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