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17 Oct
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why is listening so difficult for some students? What are the reasons they are so afraid of this task? Here we mention some the reasons that may be the cause of difficulties for them.

They are trying to understand every word

While listening students want to understand every word they hear and when they don’t understand a single word they miss the whole mass of conversation. It is important to let them know that they should get the very important words in the listening and the whole idea of the conversation, not the whole words and vocabularies existing there.


They get left behind

While listening and not understanding a word they get stuck on that unknown word and miss the entire conversation. In other words, they get behind and that would be a disaster because they lose everything.


Not recognizing the known words

Sometimes they know the words but they don’t know which one it is. For example, they know their, there, and they're. They all have the same pronunciation but different meanings. If they don’t know the meanings, then they are going to have problems.


The difficulty with accents

English is spoken everywhere around the world with different accents. If students are not familiar with different accents they may have a problem with listening to those unknown ones and so miss the whole point of a conversation.



Some listening practices may have background noise, for example, people talking in the streets. The noise that is in the background makes them unable to understand the conversation clearly and easily.


No image no listening

Some people cannot understand a text without having an image about it. So, it helps them if there are some pictures to show them the situation and do the listening task at the same time.


Hearing problem

It happens that people have hearing problems while listening to the tape or recorder. So, they should listen to it from a distance that is all right and suitable for them.


Not recognizing the different voices

It may not be a problem for natives to distinguish between different voices but it can happen to anybody who is non-natives.


These were just some examples of difficulties that exist for students. There may be some other reasons why it is so hard for students to do the listening task.


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