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14 Jul
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Learn to speak English by singing along with and listening to music

learn English by singing

When I had just immigrated to Canada along with my family and did not speak a word of English yet, my ESL teachers really tried to help me learn and speak the language, but I just could not do it. I had learned to use simple words and general phrases, but I just could not speak English properly. Then, I changed my school and started learning English from a different teacher, who turned out to be very clever. She would put on a new song for use every week to listen to. Then, she would give us all the lyrics to memorize. At the end of each week, she would put us in different groups and we would have to perform the songs for everybody else in our class. Story short, she helped me speak English by singing along with music and memorizing the lyrics. 

Now I know that the first thing she helped me with the most was getting me comfortable with rhythm and through that, with speaking English out loud. This, along with memorization, helped me learn so many different words and that helped me grow my vocabulary. Turns out that this is a great strategy for those of us who are shy. Learning English through singing also puts the mind at ease, because rhythm relaxes the mind about making mistakes. There is something else about this system that makes it worth a try. It is fun and it can be even more fun when friends get involved. Friends add to the positive energy you need for learning and music is a great way to get together. 

So go online, find the lyrics of all the songs you like, print them out, and then practice. Before you know it, you will know so many of your favorite songs as well as so many words, phrase and figures of speech. Not only that, you will be well on your way to speaking English. A word to the wise: get into karaoke and have lots of fun with your friends, while being well on your way to speaking English by singing. Karaoke is a game, where you see the lyrics on a screen or the TV in front of you but there is no singer. This makes you read the words out loud and become the singer of those songs. There is another plus. If it turns out that you actually do have a voice, find a singing coach and turn that into a skill too. Now that is what I call hitting three birds with one stone. Not only will you learn English by singing, but you will also have lots of fun with friends, not to mention making new ones along the way, and also get to develop a skill you have always admired other people for having.

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