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13 Aug
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Have you tried learning English and you have been improved in all four skills but still listening is a problem for you? Well, you should know that you are not alone in this road. Many people who are learning English have problem understanding others when they speak, since different people with different accents exist. So, what are the ways to improve your listening skill? There are some suggestions that you can take to help you with the matter.

First decide to practice as often as you can and for that you need good resources. The internet is the best source for you. There are many short or long conversations or speeches that you can choose. Try to do it on the regular basis. If you still get frustrated what should you do?

The answer is accept the fact that you can not understand every word you hear and try to keep cool. Also, never translate your listening to your mother tongue because it creates a barrier between the listener and the person who is talking. Therefore, don’t worry and continue listening.

Once you do that go for the gist of the conversation. That is don’t try to understand it word by word but try to get the main idea.

Another point that may help you to relax and take it easy while listening is that people usually repeat themselves. That means if you missed some points continue listening to the speaker, maybe it is said in another way .

One advantage of using the net is that you can stop the speaker any time that you want to get the idea but in real life it is not possible. While listening use the key words or the key phrases. For example if someone says something and you only understand the words Japan, Vacation and last summer you should assume that the person went to Japan last summer for vacation. So, focus more on the words you know not the ones you don’t know.

At the end try to listen to things that are enjoyable and fun to watch and listen. Make listening practice a fun exercise for you.


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