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29 Nov
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If you are not living in an English language country and you would like to learn the language, then you should surround yourself with English stuff. Here are some tips to follow in order to learn English faster.


Listen to English radio

There are two international networks that you can use to get the special programs for your English, they are BBC World Service (from the UK) and Voice of America from (USA). By going to their sites you can find the frequencies for your country and keep listening to them for different kinds of news.


Watch English TV

Your listening can be improved by the news you listen to and there is another good resource for your English hearing and listening and that is watching any movies or program in English from your TV. If you have no access to English TV then the Internet is the best choice.


Use the net

The new technology has made it easier these days to access the English language. The internet is almost available for everybody and makes it easy for you to use the different things in English. Use the net for your improvement.


Listen to songs in English

When you have free time and just want to relax try to listen to English songs. You don’t have to do anything just keep listening to your ears get used to English words. Enjoy and relax and be sure that the English words are getting to your head.


Go to the cinemas with English showing movies

If there is a cinema that shows a movie with the English language even with a subtitle, then make it a habit to go to those movies. It can be a great time to spend your free time and enjoy yourself.


Get English friends

Having friends who can speak English with you is a blessing. Gather together and have English conversation so by having fun and spending time together you can also practice your speaking. The times that you can’t go out or be together at least you can speak on the phone and practice your English that way.


These are the hints that you can follow in order to improve your English language. The more you are surrounded by the English language the faster you learn it. So, go ahead and follow the steps we told you.

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