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21 Aug
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Different ways you can learn English by listening to the radio

If you want to learn English by using non-conventional formats then we here at ENG45 recommend that you listen to radio stations that interest you. In order to do this the easy way, find radio stations that are online. This way you have much better options to choose from and can also find an English radio station just for you. The important point here is that you select more than one station, because variety is a good thing here and this will allow you to diversify. For example, a news station is really useful, but you also need your sports station and art station to talk about different things that interest you. Once you have all your options available, make sure to listen in on them every day, even if it may just be for five minutes. The key issue is not how long you listen in but that you listen in every day. One of the best concepts to listen to is interview formats that are part of every station’s program and that is because the question and answer patterns follow simple lines of communication.
Whenever you are listening to the radio, it is really helpful to write down words and phrases that interest you. Then find out how to use them in different context. This will teach you much more that you think, because it allows you to connect with what you are learning and thus turn a simple radio station into an actual learning tool. Try not to use a dictionary. That is because the thing that is most important is not the fact that you want to learn new words, but that you can grasp the general or the main point beforehand. The way radio’s present their contents these days is through podcasts. If you go to websites of radio stations, chances are you will come across a vast collection of podcasts. Podcasts are convenient and cover a vast range of topics. The best part is that you get to have the radio experience without necessarily having to listen in live. That way you can stop or go back if you need to hear something thoroughly.
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