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4 Dec
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We all know about IELTS exam and its importance but why we should take the exam?

Here are eight reasons for you to take the test.


Taking IELTS is good for all the times in your life

If you can pass the test successfully or let’s say get a high score in it then your chance to get a good job in schools, universities, immigration firms or any other place that needs the score increases.


IELTS has an international reputation

The test is a certification of your English skill that is accepted throughout the world by more than 135 countries. It can be used as a mean for your educational goal, immigration purposes or even to find a job abroad.


IELTS is a good practice for your English skill

By taking the test you challenge your English skill with the native speakers. Your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing will be tested and valued, so you can know more about yourself that how good you can be in the case of meeting foreign customers or the English speaking people whom you meet at work or at a university. Also, you will know how good you are if you travel abroad.


The test result shows how good you are with the language

The people who take the test from you use standard evaluations on your English knowledge and will inform you of how well you can do with English.

The results are scored from 1 to 9 and there is no failure. If your score is less than five, then you are recommended to take the test again.

So as you can see by taking this international English test not only you can be aware of your own English skills but also you can use it for different goals that you may have in your life, including education, finding a job or immigration and traveling.

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