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13 Aug
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Which one to take? Many people or students who want to go to universities or just travel abroad and need a certificate for English language don’t know which of these two standard tests are better to take.

First find out what you are needed. This can be done by asking your institute or university you would like to attend, either they have a site to answer all your questions or you can contact them by the way they are available. One more thing that you should ask is the acceptable band score for each test.

After you found out which test is proper for you try to find out where it is done in your area. The test itself is stressful enough and you don’t want to add more stress by traveling abroad. Find your local test center. Also, think of the reason you are taking the test. If it is for university entrance both of them are suitable but if it is only for traveling get general IELTS.



Both tests have the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking

The price for both of them is fairly the same.

These are the only similarities between the two tests.



As they are divided in four sections let’s look at each part and see what the differences are.




The biggest difference between them is that in TOEFL this part is done with a computer whereas in IELTS it is done with a real person. There are some people who are shy and not comfortable with a real person to talk to, so these people would prefer TOEFL .

On the other hand some people find it strange to talk with a computer where it doesn’t seem real. In IELTS you have the chance to ask and repeat something if you don’t understand the question but this is not possible in TOEFL.

The time spent for TOEFL is around 20 minutes and 6 questions are asked. In IELTS this time is about 15 minutes with 3 sections.


The biggest difference between the two is how you input your words. In TOEFL you type your words but in IELTS you should write yourself. So , if you don’t have a good handwriting it’s possible that you lose points for misunderstanding of the reader. Also, for TOEFL you should be a good typist to type fast and correctly.


There are some differences in length, context, question type and the accent used in the tests.

This part in the TOEFL exam is about 60 minutes which is fairly long for some exam takers. Whereas in IELTS it is only 30 minutes long.

The context in the TOELF exam is mostly academic but in IELTS it is half academic and half social.

The type of questions asked in the TOEFL exam is multiple choice only but in IELTS exam it includes a wide range of variety from completing a sentence to matching headings or true and false answers.

The accent used in TOEFL is American but in IELTS it is a mixture of different accents from Ireland, Scotland, wales or USA.



The question types again here are the major differences. As said before in TOEFL only multiple choice questions are asked but in IELTS exam a mixture of questions are asked.


So ask yourself if you like American accent and answering multiple choice questions is easier for you, TOEFL is better for you. On the other hand if you like answering questions that are in different form of multiple choice and prefer a person to talk to when you go for speaking part try IELTS. But remember you should first be sure what test is needed by your institute or university.


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