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7 Jan
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If you are supposed to take a TOEFL iBT exam then here are some tips for you to get higher score on the test.


Know about the test

Like anything else when you want to do something, you should know about it. The test is not an exception. Get to know about the test, its different sections and times that you should spend for each part. There are a lot of sites that give you the information like:

TOEFL Go Anywhere
Sample TOEFL questions

So, make sure you read about it and get familiar with the format.


Be prepared

Once you know about the test and the scores that you need it's time to make yourself prepared for it. Once you are at the table and the computer for the test then you should be familiar with all the sections in the test. When you are taking the test is not the time to know about it. Buy books that are good for the test and get help from your teacher to help you with your speaking and writing skills. Ask the people who have taken the test before and see how they have got prepared for the test.


Read and learn about everything

Once you have decided to take TOEFL exam you should know that your information about everything should be a lot because the test uses different topics from health to science or general information. So you have to know a little about everything to have an idea about that.

Remember you are not studying for fun you have to learn special things to pass a test.


Learn to take notes

It is essential to know how to take notes because, in each section where listening is required, you can only listen to the clip ONCE! You cannot go back and listen to it again and again. You will then have to answer questions on what you heard (listening section), speak about what you heard (speaking section), or write an essay based on what you heard (writing section). Therefore you will need to take good notes! People who take good notes get higher scores on the TOEFL.


Speak clearly

For the speaking part be careful how you pronounce and explain yourself. You should speak in a way that the listener can understand you easily.


Learn to use the keyboard

Since the test is computer based you should know how to use the keys properly.


Practice every day

Until it is your exam day don't miss even one day to skip studying. Practice makes you perfect.


And the last but not least is learning how to relax.

It is very important how to gain energy either before, during or after the test.

So go ahead and use the above tips and get ready for the test.

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