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17 Dec
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KET is one of the English language exams and is the short form of “Key English Test”. This test is considered to be the most basic exams. It takes place by over 30.000 attendances in 60 countries around the world. This level of English knowledge is used in improving necessary language skills for social or business cases. It covers the four main skills including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, same as the Cambridge University’s exams.

Writing and Reading forms 50 percent of the exam, while Listening and Speaking is 25 percent.

Actually, KET test examines the students’ ability in using language in different situations.

First exam: Writing & Reading (time= 1 h and 10 minutes)

Reading part includes some short contexts about social subjects and non-specialized public articles. Learners should prove their ability in using comprehending skills.

Writing includes different activities such as filling gaps, filling forms and writing short notes.

Second exam: Listening (time= 25 minutes)

Language learners should show how much they are able to answer the questions. It all depends on the level of their comprehending. It comes in different kinds of questions.

Third exam: Speaking (time= 8-10 minutes)

Learners do this part by a partner. In this part language and interaction skills are being evaluated. Students talk to each other and interviewer asks them a few questions during their conversation. This exam takes place 6 times in a year, in March, May, January (twice), November and December on predetermined dates.

KET test usually takes place at 2400 official test centers in over 130 countries.  The score is one of these 4: Fail, Pass with merit, Narrow Pass, Pass. The final score is an average of 4 scores in four mentioned skills. The students receive their report card five or six weeks later. It describes their detailed scores and a chart which indicates their performance in every part of the exam.

Learning and Improving English by 



Learning and improving English by


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Moe Min Tun

I would like to speak like a profetional English speaker

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Hello, will help you to speak English.

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