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10 Dec
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Are you preparing for IELTS speaking test? Let’s review some common mistakes:

IELTS speaking test is a formal interview which all your conversation will be recorded. Don’t worry; this is because of evaluating the interviewer, not you.

It takes about 11-14 minutes and includes 3 parts:

- In the first part, you answer some familiar questions about your family, job, education and your hobbies.

- In the second part, you have a minute to prepare yourself to talk about a given topic. Then you speak for about 1-2 minutes. You won’t be interrupted by the interviewer unless you talk more than 2 minutes.

- In the third part, the interviewer discusses vague ideas related to the last part.

Let’s review some wrong beliefs about IELTS speaking part:

Mistake 1: It’s the easiest part of IELTS exam.

It may seem easy and that’s because of the friendly behavior of interviewers. However, the interviewer is supposed to obey some specific rules and to behave the same to everybody in order to establish justice. The fact is that all 4 parts of the IELTS exam have the same level of difficulty, but according to your skills some parts may seem easier to you.

Mistake 2: You should have the native accent to earn a higher score.

 Your accent is not one of the scoring criteria and you’re not expected to have the native accent. It’s the pronunciation which will be scored.

In pronunciation evaluation, the interviewer pays attention to your voice, word stresses, and intonation. To make sure that you’re pronouncing right or not, you should check the pronunciation of every new word you learn immediately.

Mistake 3:  If you’re not sure about the complicated grammar structures, don’t use them at all!

It’s wrong!! You should try to use complicated grammar structures instead of simple sentences even if some of them are wrong. For example, if you use conditional sentences (even If some of them are wrong) you will earn more score in comparison to the situation you use short and simple sentences.

Mistake 4: take note when you’re getting ready for the second part.

You may want to take note in this part, but it’s better to think about what you’re going to say instead of writing it. It’s all about time, you have just one minute.

Every cue card contains some ideas which you should organize your answers according to them. The suggestion is to think about this question for 1 minute, then after you found some short answers you can expand your answers based on those ideas in the cue card.

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