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20 Dec
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What is GRE English test? At how many levels it held?

It takes place at two different levels: General and Subject which are categorized into three parts: Verbal, quantitative and analytic. GRE is the short form of graduate records examination. The aim is to evaluate the abilities and knowledge level of graduates. It’s usually a necessary test you should participate when you are studying at higher educational levels.

100 thousands of people participate in this test annually. Most of the students consider this test as a difficult one because they face some questions in comprehending and writing articles part which they have never heard of them.

Getting a high score in this test is one of the entry requirements of American and Canadian universities. They believe that in addition to learning scientific and professional skills, students need to know about politics and deduction science.

In verbal part, you’ll face some questions about synonyms and antonyms and it all focuses on the vocabularies they know. They’re really difficult and unfamiliar words for students which even English bachelor’s degree holders can’t answer many of the questions. In quantitative part, you should solve some simple math questions so your basic math knowledge being evaluated. In analytic part, you‘re going to discuss a controversial issue and then you should write about it.

Most of the people believe that this is a useless test and is just wasting time. But there are definitely some advantages:

1) All the math lessons you learned at high school will be reviewed.

2) You’ll learn the English words of math rules, formulas which you will need them in future.

3) You’ll learn thousands of common English words by academic contexts during studying.

4) You’ll learn comprehending skills and logical analysis and this will pave the way in your future studying.

5) You’ll learn how to write general articles.

6) You’ll learn how to write analytic and critical articles which will be asked in the second part of the test.

This test gives you the knowledge of academic English language. Then you’ll face some topics which will be helpful in the Academic field. If you’re not sure about participating in an exam, you better know that this test will promote your English language proficiency that’s not waste of time at all. 

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