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30 Dec
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If you wish to pass the international English test (IELTS) there are a number of things that you should consider.

The first step is to complete your general English. It means that you should know about the grammar, lots of vocabularies and idioms.

This helps you to have control over your English knowledge.

When your English knowledge is almost complete then take the second step.

The second step is to know about the techniques that are required for the test. There are four skills and each one of them has its own technique that you should be familiar with before taking the test.

Besides knowing the techniques, you should also be fast enough to manage time in the test. It is a big factor that you should know about. ‘Management of time’ is very critical.

To know the techniques, you could either go to IELTS classes or do a self-study by taking IELTS books and do the exercises by yourself.

But taking classes is suggested more because there is a section that you should speak and practice your speaking and that can be done if you go to classes and have someone to talk to.

If your general English is good enough and you know how to manage time for the test and learn the techniques for each section, then you will have no problem with the test.


Some hints about each section



Before each section read all the questions to have a general idea about them. This way you are ready to listen to the related points.



To answer the questions in the reading part you don’t need to know all the words and texts. Use skim and scan technique for reading part to answer the questions fast.



To write about anything that your assigned don’t forget to have the three basic parts of your writing; introduction, body, and result.



Be fluent and accurate and just answer the questions that you are asked. Don’t over talk and don’t be short either.

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