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10 Aug
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You can learn a lot of English through figures of speech

Figures of speech are a big part of every language and some even share plenty of similar ones. If you happen to have heard of the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, then you know what figures of speech are. There are just too many and all of them break down a situation or a general human attribute. For example when we say his bite is worse than his bark, we mean don’t get too close to that one and be careful. This way so many things become easier to understand. So figures of speech are a significant part of the English language. This makes figures of speech an important part of the English language learning process.
The great thing about figures of speech is that they can be made of one word or a single phrase, or they can be a whole sentence long. Their job is to bring clarity to a conversation, provide expression, produce emphasis on part of issues and make an argument become meaningful. They cannot be taken as they are said literally and most English speakers know exactly what you are talking about when you use one to explain a situation. The only thing that needs to be taken seriously about figures of speech is to not use the wrong one, or it will create an uncomfortable situation. Once you start learning some figures of speech in the English language, you are on your way to learning new words and that helps your vocabulary knowledge a lot. It also helps you connect with others, because figures of speech can be funny too. For that reason, there are so many figures of speech that by the time you learn all of them, chances are you will probably speak English well.
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