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27 Dec
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When we talk about “will” in English grammar we think that it’s only about future tense, but another way of using the word is for “instant decisions”. The following story will help you out to know more about the tense.



(Mary and Maria are having a party this coming Friday because their aunt gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They are making decisions about the party and the things they want to do. Here is what they are saying.)

Mary: Ok, Maria where should we have the party?

Maria: I think our home is quite ok since we have a big backyard and a pool. The weather is nice and we can have the party outside.

Mary: I’ll make a guest list first to see how many we should invite.

Maria: Ok then you make the list and I’ll call them. You know how much I love shopping so after we know how many people come I’ll go to buy the stuff.

Mary: I like shopping too so I’ll come with you.

Maria: maybe it’s better we can shop together but I’ll drive. You know I don’t like to sit next to you while you drive.

Mary: No problem, you drive I’ll enjoy myself.

Maria: What about the decoration and music?

Mary: I’ll call my friend Mason to get help. He is wonderful with this stuff.

He also knows a band that is wonderful. I’ll call him now.

Maria: Ok. You call him and I’ll let our parents know about our plan.


As you can see from the story all the decisions that were made instantly and without any plans are used with the word ‘will’.

So, the will is not only a sign for future but it is a sign of a decision that is made right now.


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