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14 Feb
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To achieve a deeper understanding of the difference between these three words, first let’s consider the below examples:

1) Subject

Andy loves dancing/ her father goes to work/ they encourage their children.

You can see that ‘Andy’, ‘her father’ and ‘they’ are subjects.

2) Object:

The bosses hated his manner/ Sarah knows me/ the famous singer smiled at us.

You can see that ‘his manner’, ‘her father’ and ‘they’ are subjects.

3) Possessive:

Our house is on fire/ I love my old friends/ the teacher graded our homework.

You can see that ‘our’, ‘my’ and ‘our’ are subjects.

Let’s study the main point:

- ‘Who’ is a subject pronoun. When we ask about the one who has done something we use ‘who’.

Who? Andy. Who? Her father? Who? They.

Who sent that letter? Who is shouting? Who is in the car?

- ‘Whom’ is an object pronoun. When we want to know about the thing that has been affected by something we use ‘whom’.

Whom? His manner.  Whom? Her father. Whom? They.

Whom are they going to invite? Whom did he blame for the accident?

- Whose is a possessive pronoun. When we want to know about the owner of something we use ‘whose’.

Whose? Ours. Whose? Mine.

Whose house is on fire? Whose phone is ringing? Whose dog is this?




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