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4 Mar
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What are time conjunctions?

We use them to connect the main part of the sentence with a phrase which speaks about the time of an event.


- It can be used instead of “after”.

Few people continue to dress like students when they have graduated.

- It sometimes means “at almost the same time’.

When students graduate, often the hardest thing is to find a job which meets their expectation.

It means “at the same time”.

Workers should be forbidden to smoke when they are working.

If you are talking about something which has happened before something else, use these forms: simple and perfect.

Example: Most people hope to find a well-paid job after they have graduated from university (after they graduate).

If you are talking about some events happen at the same time use the simple form.

Example: He wears very smart clothes when he goes to work.

If you are talking about two events happen simultaneously and one of them takes more time, use the continuous form for the longer one.

Example: I hope to pass my driving test when I’m studying in New Zealand.

When talking about future use present tense:

Example: I won’t travel to Canada until I pass my IELTS test.

(Note: Until I will pass my IELTS test.)

Example: I’ll visit Russia when I’ve saved enough money.

(Note: when I will save enough money.)


Exercise 1: Complete these sentences by writing a conjunction (until, before, when, after) in each gap.

----- you read a magazine these days, you see many advertisements for the latest fashions.

----- Youngsters start to work; they depend on their parents for money.

------ they have started earning money, young adults can still find it hard to afford fashionable clothes.

Teenagers look forward to doing this ---- they have their own income.

You cannot criticize ----- you have seen how hard it is to be original.

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