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12 Aug
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The use of capital letters and how to know when and where a word has to be capitalized

Capital letters are tricky because as easy as they are, there are some rules surrounding their use that need to be acknowledged or there will be some problems such as lack in professionalism. In order to better understand the correct form of use in civilization of English words, we will provide some short and to the point rules about capitalization formats. The most common form of capital use is at the beginning of ever sentence and right after a comma. The other significant rule for capitalization has to do with the titles. Whenever we want to write a title, we have to know exactly which words have to be capitalized and which ones must not. When it comes to titles, the word THE is always capitalized when it is at the beginning of the title. However, it is never capitalized in the middle of a title. This goes for any other word that cannot be capitalized when in the middle of a title, such as A, AS, IN, OF, THE, FROM, and any other word that is a connector. On the other hand, as far as titles are concerned, every word with actual meaning, which is explanatory, has to be capitalized. Observe the example provided here: A Study into the Development of Human Nature.
There are also other important factors about capitalization, such as titles of names, like Mr. and Ms. and the names themselves, which the first and last of have to be capitalized. There are also the professional titles that have to be capitalized as well. Here is when things get tricky, because sometimes a professional title such as PRESIDENT is capitalized and sometimes it is not. What to look for as a way to know, is when the title is addressed directly, like saying, it is the job of company president… In this scenario, there is no need for capitalization, while when the title is addressed directly, then capital is needed. For example, we might want to say, Mrs. May was elected as the Prime Minister of Britain this year. This clearly indicates that a direct address of a title dictates the use of capital letters, while an indirect address does not. Therefore, go through news and look at how capitalization is used in articles and learn why rather than how this time.
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