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9 Aug
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Some points about metaphors and similes in the English langauge

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Metaphors and similes are a significant part of the English grammar and are generally known as figures of speech. Figure of speech, on the other hand, is a separation from ordinary expressions and leave greater impacts in understanding. In all, metaphors and similes divide between four different kinds. There are the ones that are based on resemblances, the kinds that are based on contrast, association, and construction of the plot, which is known as climax or the opposite of it, anticlimax. In similes, on one hand, we create comparisons between two different things, which have, at the least, one factor in common. A good example is the figure of speech, as good as gold. Remember that comparing two factors that are the same in kind is not a simile. Metaphors, on the other hand, always thrive to prove two things are actually one or even the same. A good and clear example is to say, he eats like a cow, which is a simile, rather than saying he is a cow, which is considered to be a metaphor. Below is a list of metaphors and similes that are sure to set your mind on the right path in using the right one at the right time.
The ship was ripping through the waves like a wale. (Simile)
The tuxedo wearing penguins are fun to watch. (Metaphor)
The leaves were dancing beautifully in the wind. (Personification)
And suddenly the king’s army went into battle like a pack of liens. (Resemblance)
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