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28 Jul
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Sentences starters and how they are used in writing

When we want to make a complete paragraph that explains something, we need sentence starters to get our sentences from point A to point B and all the way to the conclusion. Sentence starters are widely used across the English speaking world for various reasons. One main reason is to get to the point fast and stay
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objective.Sentence starters are really obvious because you can find them all over paragraphs. They are mainly used as hooks, connecting one part of a paragraph to another. Usually, official letters and general statements hold lots of them. The word USUALLY that was just used is one of them. The only other thing you need to remember about sentence starters is that they usually need commas in order to be correctly stated. Here we will go through some of the usual ones and when they need to be used.
You might have seen HOWEVER in different writings. The phrase NEVERTHELESS might ring a bell. Another popular one is IN FACT and it is used to begin an argument. ALSO, is another sentence continuer, similar to FIRST, SECENDLY, THIRD OF ALL and so one. Below is a list of more sentence starters that are transitional:
Above all,
In addition,
On the contrary,
Generally speaking,
Now you know plenty of sentence starters that can be used to connect everything in a paragraph together. You will also have paragraphs that are nice to read and look professional, especially in university research papers and professional emailing. Once you become used to which ever that is proper to use in different parts of paragraphs, you are good to go. When learning English, make sure to use commas after sentence starters in order to separate them from the rest of your sentence.
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