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10 Dec
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A sentence is the very first part of any writing and usually, it has a subject and a predicate.


Bob is a good student.

In the sentence, the subject is Bob and “is a good student” is the predicate.


Different kinds of sentence structure


Simple sentences

These are sentences with only one predicate.


I like my city.

My city is crowded.

Sally is a good girl.


In all the above sentences there is only one subject and one predicate.


Compound sentences

These sentences usually have more than one predicate and they are related together by words like “and, but, either, or…”


I watch TV and read a book at nights.

I asked Sara either to call me or answer my emails.


Complex sentences

These sentences have more than two predicates and are related with coordinating words such as “if, since, after, then…”


If you have a problem, call me anytime you want.

I haven’t seen her since she left her job.

Sara goes jogging after she finishes her homework.


Types of sentences

There are four types of sentences. Declarative sentences, imperative sentences, interrogative sentences and exclamatory sentences.


Declarative Sentences

In these sentences, there is only one news and the sentence is finished with a full stop “.”.


The weather is hot.

The sky is blue.

The birds are flying.


Imperative sentences

These sentences are used when we ask or order, suggest or advise something.


Show me your photos, please. (request)

Close the window. (order)

Take a shower before going to bed. (advice)


Interrogative Sentences

As the name implies the sentences ask about something and they end with a question mark “?”.

 what time do you wake up in the morning?

Do you have time to speak with me?

Why are you sad today?


Exclamatory Sentences

These are the sentences that explain our moods and excitements and the sentence is finished with an exclamation mark (!).


What a beautiful day!

Watch out! There is a car coming on your way.

How wonderful!


These were the structures and type of sentences in English. Hope they come handy to you.

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