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10 Dec
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Present continuous is a tense that is used for the time being (now) and near future. The future tense refers to a plan that is made with its specific details.

The following is a short story about the tense and how it is used. After finishing it there will be a brief explanation of the verbs.


“Mary and I are getting ready to go shopping. We are going to shop at 10 o’clock at Macy’s. Mary is getting married next month and she is trying to lose weight to fit in her wedding dress. As I am writing this for you she is giggling and laughing at me but I don’t care about her manners because I know how happy she is. Right now our parents are outside watering the garden to give us a ride to the shop. I can see my mom from the window. She is smiling because she is happy for her daughter. Dad is starting the car and telling us to hurry up. I am still writing this for you but soon I am going downstairs to join my dad and Mary.

Next month in city hall they are getting married. Hope they have a happy marriage.”


As you can see present continuous is used many times in the story. The structure of the tense is verb to be + ing.

Let’s look at the verbs in the order they are used in the story.

Are getting ready (now)

Are going to (future)

Is getting married (future)

Is trying (now)

Am writing (now)

Is giggling (now)

Are watering (now)

Is smiling (now)

Is starting (now)

Am writing (now)

Am going down (now)

Are getting married (future)


As you can see the tense has been used for now and future. By reading the story you get to know how it is used and distinguish the difference.


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