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10 Oct
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One way of making negative sentences in English is using negative prefixes to words. Here we introduce some negative prefixes to see how the meaning of the words is changed.


Prefix a_, which always begins with a consonant

Theist…..atheist (someone who doesn’t believe in God)

John was an atheist before but after being friend with David he became an atheist.


Prefix dis_, which can be followed by both a consonant or vowel sound

Agree….Disagree (having two opposite ideas or decisions)

I Said yes to the project but our manager disagreed.

Comfort…discomfort (not comfortable enough)

The passengers complained about the discomfort they had during their journey.


Prefix IL_, it always begins with the letter L

Legal…. illegal (not according to law)

Trading drugs are illegal.

Logical…illogical (not accordance with logic)

Going out in this weather is illogical.


Prefix im_ always begins with the letter m or p

Moral…. Immoral (something that is not accepted by the society as a good manner)

Disrespecting is considered immoral.

Perfect…. imperfect (something that is not perfect)

The building is still imperfect.


Prefix in_ can come with both consonant and vowel except for i and u

Accurate…inaccurate (something that is not very correct and right)

The problem you solved at the test is inaccurate.

Organic…inorganic (a thing which is not organic)

Most of the food in her house is inorganic.

Prefix ir_, always begin with the letter r

Rational….irrational (something that doesn’t make sense)

She sounded very irrational because she was very angry.

Regular…irregular (when things are not in a usual order)

I work in irregular hours. I go to work at five in the afternoon till nine at night.


Prefix non_ can come with consonant or vowel

Fiction…nonfiction (a story that can be true) I like nonfiction movies.

Sense…nonsense (something that doesn’t have any meanings)

What he said was nonsense.It didn’t sound good at all.


Prefix un_ may come with both consonant or vowel

Able…unable (having no ability at all)

She was unable to talk.

Usual…unusual (something that is not expected)

Her presence at the meeting was unusual because she didn’t like to come to our meetings.


Remember that not all the negative prefixes that come with the words have negative meanings.

For example

Alike is NOT (not like)

Discuss is NOT (not cuss)

Important is NOT (not portant)

Involve is NOT (not volve)

Hope the information above come handy to you.


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