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10 Sep
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Let’s have another look at prepositions list and their examples:


Prepositions – Place (Position and Direction)

By-next to-beside- left or right of somebody or something: Come sit beside me.

Under- on the ground, lower than (or covered by) something else: Your bag is under the table.

Below-lower than something else but above ground: The coffee is in the last cabinet below the sugar.

Over-covered by something else: I put on a jacket over my shirt.

        meaning more than: The population in this city is over one million.

        getting to the other side (also across): Don’t cross over.

       overcoming an obstacle: To pass the road you should pass over a bridge.

Across- getting to the other side (also over): Hey, look at me. Across the street!

                    getting to the other side: My shop is across the street.

Through-something with limits on top, bottom, and the sides: After going through the tunnel you’ll see the greatest view ever.

To-movement to person or building: I don't like going to her. She’s not my type.

    the movement to a place or country: I am going to Japan next week.

    for bed: Don’t go to bed unless you’ve brushed your teeth.

Into- enter a room / a building: Mike go into your room. You are grounded for two hours.

Towards- movement in the direction of something (but not directly to it): Walk one step towards me.

Onto- movement to the top of something: when she saw the mouse, she jumped onto the table.

From- in the sense of where from: Where are you from?


Other prepositions

From- who gave it: It’s a gift from your friend.

Of- who/what does it belong to: This is a page of that book.

      what does it show: It’s a picture of me.

By- who made it: The vase is made by her father.

On- walking or riding on horseback: I go to school on foot.

      entering a public transport vehicle: Get on the bus fast.

In- entering a car or a taxi: Get in! we’re late.

Off- leaving a public transport vehicle: Get off the train at the next stop.

Out of- leaving a car / Taxi: When you got to the fifth avenue, get off the taxi.

By-rise or fall of something: The prices have risen by 10 percent this year

     traveling (other than walking or horse-riding): She goes to school by bus.

At-for age: He learned English at 35.

About- for topics meaning what about: The first chapter is about the very specific things.


Hope these prepositions come handy to use when needed.



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