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7 Jan
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Sometimes some English students want to know how much time they need to study English in a day.

First of all don't make studying be something boring and tiring for you. Imagine that you are doing something fun otherwise you will lose your interest soon and will give up.

Think that you are going to do something fun and that is learning English language but it is a fun thing that should be done every day. Yes, every single day you should do something in English.

Depending on your time and days you decide how much time you can spend to learn English even if it is only for 15 minutes but you should do it every day.

Some learners bring an excuse that they may not find a free time. It is not acceptable, because if something is really important for you then you will find some time for it.

Therefore, first make a schedule for it and see every day how much time you can have for yourself to do the fun and learn English.

Then go according to your schedule. One day you may spend one hour, another day you may spend less or more whatever it is just have that time and do something in English.

It can be from watching a movie to talking in English with a friend that you can. Or it may just be a piece of writing that you do or reading a book.

So go ahead manage your time and divide your activities in a way that you don't get bored. Do something different every day in order not to get bored from learning.

Listen to an English song while you're jogging, read a book before you go to sleep but remember to review your learning every day too.

Practice makes you perfect so practice English every day and revise the new subjects or things that you learn. This way you not only don't get bored from what you do but you get more eager to do more every day.

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