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25 Feb
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If you want to compare 2 things or 2 persons, you can use comparative forms and also superlatives, adjectives, and adverbs. Pat attention to the examples below:

More difficult than… (Comparative)

More quickly than… (Comparative)

The most difficult…. (Superlative)

Pay attention that if you have one syllabus adjectives, you should add –est or –er to them in order to make comparative forms. Example:

Slower, Easier, Faster

But if the adjectives are 2 syllabi or more, you should use ‘more’ or ‘most’. Example:

More important, more easily

In some special cases, you can use neither of these rules. You should just memorize these words by practicing:

Good, better, best

Bad, worse, worst

Far, farther/further, farthest/furthest

Exercise 1: Match the rules of making comparisons (1-4) with the examples (a-d)



c)The greatest

d)The most problematic

1) Form comparatives of adjectives with one syllable by adding –er.

2) Form superlatives of adjectives with one syllable by adding the –est.

3) form comparisons and superlatives of adjectives with two syllables ending in –y by changing y to I and adding –er and –est.

4) Form comparisons and superlatives of adjectives with more than one syllable by adding more and the most.

Exercise 2: complete these sentences by putting the adjective in brackets into the correct form.

1)Learning the language is the ------ (important) thing for people going to live in a new country.

2)Many people find making friends ------- (hard) than finding a job

3)Local people are often ---- (friendly) than you expect.

4) If the climate is ----- (warm) or ------ (cold) than at home, it affects the way people feel about their new country.

5) ----- (old) people are often ----- (good) are making friends than younger people.

Exercise 3: IELTS candidates often make mistakes with comparisons of adjectives. Find and correct the mistakes in each of these sentences

1) I can read English easyier that before.

2)Living in the country is the better way to learn the language.

3) Travelling is becoming more clean and safe.

4) The most highest percentage appeared in 1991.

5) Workers’ salaries got worser in the year 2001.

6)I want to study abroad so that I can get a more well job in the future.

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