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28 Aug
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As an English learner, one usually wants to learn it quickly and easily. The quicker the learning time the better it is for us. Have you ever heard this saying that says “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line”?

It means the fastest and easiest way to get from one point to another is to go in a straight line. In reality, there is no single easiest way to learn English. Why?

Because of you, the English learner! You’re not the same as all English learners, of course. Things like age, location, past learning experience, time spent learning, creativity and so many other factors affect how you learn.

But instead, you may try the following considerations:

(depending on your interests and affecting factors)

Immersion method:

What do we mean by immersion? We mean to dive, to go deep into the language. Surround yourself with the English language. Think in English, speak English or practice it every day.

Change the language to English on your phone, social media and any other websites you use regularly. Join online and real-world groups that speak in English. Find groups that share your interests, so you have something in common to talk about. Speak to your fellow English students in English as often as you can. Watch TV shows and movies in English. Even if you don’t understand the words, you’re learning patterns without even realizing it. Watch the news and listen to the radio in English. Subscribe to an English magazine or newspaper. Make English the first language you see every day!

This method doesn’t just help you learn English, it helps you think like a native. Using the immersion method to learn English actually changes the way your brain works, to look more like the brain of a native English speaker.

Why does this work?

Think about how babies learn. They come into the world not knowing any words, and are immediately surrounded by a strange language. Little by little, from listening to this language used and watching other people, they learn certain words.

If you are living in an English speaking country or you have trouble with memorization of grammar and you are also a better learner by speaking or listening this method can be the best for you.

The classroom method:

Some people prefer to have the basic information about the language before they start talking. If you are a person who wants to follow orders and regulations in a language then try this method.

So, you can sign up for English classes. If you’re not taking a course, find a tutor or a native speaker willing to help you. Get a few good textbooks. It’s a good idea to have different kinds of textbooks (one for grammar, one for vocabulary), or just one big textbook that separates the learning by type. This way you can focus on one thing at a time when you’re studying.

Find some good online resources for testing yourself, like interactive learning websites or quizzes. Set aside a block of time every day for studying.

The dual method:

If you combine the two mentioned methods above then it would help you much more. First, take some classes to know about the basics and then immerse yourself in the English language. That would be wonderful for you. You can choose this method if you have the time to dedicate to both classroom and immersion learning. The benefit is that more time spent studying means faster progress. Now by knowing these methods and facts it’s up to you to choose the way that works for you the best.

Now by knowing these methods and facts, it’s up to you to choose the way that works for you the best.



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