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6 Jan
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In English grammar, it’s important to know when to use a proper tense. To know the correct one, you should know about the meaning of each tense. If you understand their functions and usage, then there will be any problem for you to use them in your speaking.

There are nine main tenses in grammar that are introduced briefly.

Present: simple, continuous, perfect

Past: simple, continuous, perfect

Future: will, to be going to, present continuous

Aside from these main ones, there are other perfect and continuous forms but the main ones are the ones mentioned above.

To learn a good English language, try to learn them in three forms, negative, positive and question forms.

Use the grammar books to know the structure of each tense and then do some exercise to make sure you understand the tense and won’t have any problems with it.

By the time you are ok with the grammar to try to have speaking time that uses the grammar in the speaking. If you have friends who can practice the speaking with you it is wonderful and if you don’t just speak out loud whenever you can just to practice the talking.

Keep listening to English programs and then you realize that the tenses that you didn’t understand before are now familiar to you.

Don’t forget to have some reading too. It can be as little as a paragraph or as long as a good novel. By reading you improve your vocabularies and can see the usage of grammar in the sentences.

So, all of the English skills are required to be considered to help you out speak fluent English.

Learn grammar, practice it in speaking, listen to the English version and read as much as you can.

Good luck with your English language.

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