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2 Aug
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Learn how to address people in English

In English grammar, there is a rule to obey when addressing an individual or talking about an individual based on their given title. There are two rules that need to be considered in such situations. One is to consider the person’s gender. The second rule is to consider the person’s marital status. In English, when an individual is male, the title Mr. needs to be established. However, when the individual is a married woman, then the title Mrs. is what needs to be stated clearly. On the other hand, while the male status does not have a married or single relationship status clarified, the female counterpart clearly considers this factor in the title. If a lady is not married, on the other hand, then the title Miss. must be used. Finally, there is another title, which is given to women whose marital statuses are not known and that is the title Ms., which is used like Mr. and does not assume or depend on whether a woman is married or not. There is also an important rule to follow in official lettering and when addressing an individual. That is when we are not sure if the woman we are addressing is married or not, we have to use the title Ms. In order to be safe. That is because in the English world, one must not assume and the title has to match whatever information we have. So, in order to write a letter or content correctly, the title Ms. must be used in order to address one correctly, even if they are single or married, just to be safe.
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