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30 Aug
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learn English better with the oxymoron

In order to learn English better, it is important to know what an oxymoron is and when it is used. The oxymoron is a figure of speech that is used in English as a way to bring two conflicting ideas together in order to create a new form of expression. In other words, an oxymoron is a unique form of expression that produces better and more complex forms of making a statement. In order to understand the oxymoron better, one needs to look at how it can form and what it can form. Below is a list that will introduce you to the oxymoron and through them you can understand how an oxymoron can form in order to produce new meanings and expressions. This list will also help you learn English better by understanding how to use them:
The living dead
Loud whisper
Fall in formation
Loyal enemy
Civil war
Negative growth
Minor miracle
Old news
Only choice
Paper towel
Original copy
Openly deceptive
Poor health
Pretty ugly
Random order
Recorded live
Small crowd
Silent scream
Sweet sorrow
Terribly good
True fiction
Unconscious awareness
Friendly takeover
Growing smaller
Humane slaughter
Impossible solution
Joyful sadness
Jumbo shrimp
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