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13 Aug
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If you know what a semicolon is then use it when writing in English

Semicolons are used similarly to commas and not at all like colons. This is the general rule of thumb that is easy to remember. Now to make matters a little complex, semicolons can be compared to commas, which are used when a sentence is put together to form a whole and complete one. However, when a sentence proves to be too long, yet carrying the necessary components and those components cannot be separated into different sentences, a semicolon can be used in order to not break a sentence down and destroy the essence of its meaning. Semicolons are also used in instances when ideas, two or more, are make to be part of a sentence, while they are given equal worth or rank. Semicolons are also used for brining two independent clauses together, which then eliminates the pause that exists if a period exists and needs to be filled with either and, but, nor, or yet as well as anything that brings two separate and independent statements together. Don’t forget about the fact that semicolons are closer to commas than they seem to be so use them instead of commas wherever a comma would prove inappropriate.
When you want to use the semicolon, make sure you are working with two sentences that can stand their own ground independently; meaning they are complete sentences. This way you are able to form a bond between them and strengthen the relationship between them by using a semicolon. Make sure not to use capital letters on the first word that follows a semicolon; they are designed to informally connect and strengthen each other that way. Below are some examples of the correct form of semicolon usage:
The tiger looked dead into my eyes; that is what tigers do right before they pounce on you for the kill.
Basketball players high five a lot on the court when they score; getting and giving high fives is a part of basketball.
The objective for world economic development is hidden; governments make sure some secrets are not exposed; this way, our secrets are not used against us by our enemies.
Polar bears are extremely powerful and aggressive animals; beneath that rage to eat people lies a gentle creature who only wants to protect her cubs.
You can work your way through college all you want, but there is no guarantee to make it through in one piece; and the reality is much harder than one can imagine, so work to save money, put yourself in a financially comfortable position and then push for academic success.
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