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16 Jul
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How to write properly in English by knowing just how commas work

Comma use and rules
English speakers use comma to make sentences more simple and clear. For example, to properly list a bunch of nouns and adjectives, you need a comma in between them. However, this has rules of its own as well. For instance, when listing two items, there is no need for a comma in between them. Also, when listing three or four items, no comma is placed between the last two items. Here, the word AND or the word OR are put in place instead. However, when items exceed 4 in numbers, then the comma is used up to the last item on the list. Another good rule is that you don’t have to separate subjects and their verbs with a comma. Have you ever heard of dependent and independent clauses? Use comma to separate them from one another. Clauses are placed between main contents and acts as extra information, which also add better detail. Before quotations, when separating an explanation from a direct saying, use comma to separate the two. Interrupt an independent clause in between or signal the beginning of one with the use of a comma. Always use a comma between dates, addresses and big numbers. Use commas in greetings within letters and emails as well as closing statements. Make sure you can locate an example for every one of the mentioned rules on this list. That way you have a clear idea about how to use commas. Then, in order to practice your ability to recognize reasons for comma placements, go on to news sites and read some articles. Find out where commas have been used. Get keen on them in order to challenge your own abilities in recognizing and using commas in the English language. Once you get a feeling of the proper use of commas, you will be able to automatically correct your writing. More importantly, you can regulate your writing to establish a style for yourself just by the use of commas. Don’t forget that you can always tell a lot about the flow of content just by looking at the ways in which commas have been used. They will tell you when to breath, pause, and also establish an understanding about the flow of a given content that is written in English.
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