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13 Sep
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Homophones and what they represent in the English language

In English there are various words that sound the same when pronounced and almost spelled the same too. However, meanings and usage for such words can vary significantly. We call these words homophones, drives from the words homo and phone. Homo means the same and phone refers to sound. Such words need to be known in advance or they can be confused in their usage. On the other hand, when words have the same spelling and pronunciation, we call them homonyms. For instance, the words write and right are homophones, while show and show are homonyms. Below is a list of examples for homophones; memorize them:
Homophone words:
Buy – by, hole – whole, complement – compliment, air – heir, altar – alter, band – banned, cell – sell, die – dye, check – cheque, loan – lone, feat – feet, mind – mined, ceiling – sealing, holy – holey – wholly, knew – new, rap – wrap, profit – prophet, principal – principle, there – their – they’re, sight – site, sole – soul, son – sun, sweet – suite, tail – tale, tide – tied, watt – what, moose – mousse, muscle – mussel, vain – vane – vein, passed – past, one – won, bare – bear, brake – break.
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