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2 Jan
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As an English teacher, I have always wanted to know what part of the language is harder for my students so that I could make my effort to help them with it.

From the feedback that I have got from my students the following is concluded:



The skill is not that hard for them as long as they know what to do. First, they are put in the middle of a discussion to attract their attention and if they don’t know a word then by looking the word up in a dictionary they can continue the reading. It’s a smooth practice for them and no problem with that.

At the end, they are asked some questions about the text to see how their comprehension has gone.



If the students know the basic format of writing, then they will be halfway to having no problem. They should know that for every writer there are three parts that should be considered; introduction, body and the result. The rest depends on them on how to write an interesting writer.



Many students are shy and don’t want to talk. Not in front of everybody anyway.

To make them speak comfortably is a tricky way and is unique to each student.

In my opinion, speaking is a hard part for them.



I think this part is the hardest part for students. Even when they know what to do or how to approach a listening, still there is some confusion for them that need to be cleared.

By all the things that I have seen and experienced the two skills, speaking and listening are the two difficult parts for them as a language learner.

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