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20 Sep
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Grammar in use





Trying to use Grammar practically is the most efficient way to improve your skills related to the English language.

At first, when you start learning Grammar rules, it may seem confusing and impossible to use, also you may become overwhelmed by different tenses and their field of use.

An effective way to learn how to put English grammar in use is watching subtitled movies, following the subtitles when the actors are speaking, analyzing the time and the reason they’re using that specific tense are all helping you to learn.

Who is learning English as a second language has an advantage which is they can compare and analyze the tenses with their mother language and understand it in a practical way.

Another approach is reading and reading. You can conclude every kind of passage; newspaper, magazines, books...

You should keep reading in an intensive way, what I mean? You read a passage by details, searching for grammar rules used in every line, or even find wrong tenses. This will make you familiar with different tenses and their field of use, so you’ll use the correct and varied tenses when you’re speaking unconsciously.

These days Internet is always a solution for everything; it’s the same for this problem.

You can start learning English grammar by yourself on your time schedule, there are a lot of different useful sources which can show you the way, one of them is English club TV website which has combined learning with fun and entertainment, some of the courses are specially designed for learning grammar rules.

But the question is what’s the most efficient way to self-study?

The first step is to define your aim. Are you learning for business, education, fun or immigration? Then analyze all options and sources you have in order to decide logically.

Perhaps we can say that the most up to date and comprehensive method of learning English would be studying English online, which this site provides the opportunity for everyone who wants to learn English online via internet.        

 Learning and improving English by



Learning and improving English by


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