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26 Aug
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Follow the English grammar rules below and write better

There are different factors that are important in making sure your grammar is flawless. In order to know exactly what to look for, the list below will guide you through all your writings. Just make sure to follow them properly and to check for every single element that is required when writing anything from emails at work to research papers for school projects. The list below can help you be a better writer and have a coherent style of writing:
One of the most important factors to have in mind when writing is the use of commas and their cousins, the semi-colons. For the most part, semi-colons are substitutes for commas and both reflect pauses in reading. They guide the reader through sentences and establish rhythm in reading.
Always make sure you identify abbreviations or acronyms before using them in context. Acronyms are a normal part of English and are used more today than ever before. The words that acronyms stand for are usually known by everyone so use them properly and if necessary, place the full name or title in brackets next to the acronym that represents it the first time you are mentioning that acronym.
A small but significant grammar tip is to never use the phrase THAT for reoffering to individuals. Instead of the phrase THAT, use better referrals that are available, like WHO or WHOM. If you are not really sure which is the right one to use in your given context, have in mind that WHO is the subject and takes action, while WHOM is the object and is the one action is done on.
The most common mistake in English is passive voice, which are extensive forms of sentence structure at places where easy and short structures can easily replace. Passive voice is a really common mistake for students because they have the tendency to use as many words as possible and twist explanations in order to score better on stimulating content.
Parallel construction is a small but determining factor in grammar and writing in English. In forming parallel construction, you are able to take a sentence, eliminate any word that has been listed and still end up with the same sentence that still makes the same claim you wanted it to.
One of the most common mistakes English speakers make is over using the phrase THIS in sentences, which usually points to the fact that the writer does not exactly know what to talk about. English speakers routinely use THIS as a form of introduction, but what one needs to know is that once an idea is clear, avoiding THIS is not an easy task in English grammar.
Make sure you know when apostrophe are used and when they are not necessary, such as in using ITS or IT’S. There are also such examples as DOCTOR’S and DOCTORS’. The placement will say it all as far English grammar is concerned, so pay attention and consider keeping a list of all the rules you know you might forget in your writing.
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