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24 Sep
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English grammar and the use of future tense WILL vs. GOING TO

This rule is easy to remember in the English grammar, but many people miss the importance of when and how to use this significant grammar rule. The rules are designed in such a way that allows both the writer and the reader to clearly know when and where WILL is used and in what cast GOING TO has to be used instead. Therefore, it is useful to review such rules and learn the proper usage of these future tenses, which are critical to correct writing and grammar. Take a look at the following explanations and examples in order to have a better understanding:
Simply put, once we are sure what we want to talk about is a future fact and that what we know is true, then it is time to use WILL.
The Prime Minister will begin his new term in office.
She won’t (will not) be happy to hear this bad news.
There is no doubt in my mind that he’ll (he will) do the right thing.
I’m not sure you’ll (you will) like him.
In the cast that we are not sure about the future, WILL must be used along with expressions that indicate guessing or hoping.
It is my hope you’ll come to your senses and do the right thing.
He’ll probably be a good host for the party.
She’ll possibly get here in time but don’t get your hopes up.
Once you are certain about a future prediction you are making, which is based on present situations, then you must use GOING TO.
The clouds show that there is going to rain today.
This line up is long and I don’t thing we are going to get in.
We are going to have to talk about our problems if we want to solve them.
When making decisions, use WILL in such moments and use GOING TO once the decisions have been made.
I will call my mother. Once I do, I’m GOING TO tell her what I think.
You will do as I say now. Are you GOING TO listen to me and do as I say?
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