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7 Dec
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In English, there are connecting words that may cause confusion for English learners.

Connecting words such as who, whom, whose, that, which, and where.

In the following, we explain more about them with examples to make it more clear to you.



It is used when we want to talk about a person as a subject.


This is the man who comes to our company for the meeting.

This is the woman who cleans the rooms in that hotel.

Jack is the man who tried to save the baby yesterday.



If who is not the subject anymore and we want to talk about a person as an object, then “whom” is used.


Mary is the woman whom I talked to on the phone.

Jack is the man whom I build the house for.

Those children are the ones whom everybody hates because they are hyperactive.



Whenever there is a talking about possession of something for a person then whose can be used.


Ali is the one whose car makes a lot of noise.

I know a woman whose husband speaks four languages.

John is the man whose school is very famous.



Both of them are used for things or ideas.


This is the idea that I don’t ever believe in. It’s nonsense.

The money is which I can’t think of. I can’t get that kind of money.

The color is the one that I never use for my clothing.



The word is used for places.


This is the neighborhood where I grew up.

This is the park where I go every day for jogging.

The house is where nobody likes to stay.


By doing more exercises about the words mentioned above you can be sure that there will be no more difficulties understanding them.

Hope the above examples have helped you.

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