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25 Nov
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Conjunctions are words that relate or connect sentences or phrases. The major ones are but, and, so, because, or, nor, even …

Here are how they are used in sentences.



This conjunction is used when we want to connect two different sentences.


I like winter but I don’t like fall.

My mother sleeps early at night but I can’t.

My sister is a good writer but I’m not.



The conjunction is used when a sentence is giving more information or adds to the first sentence.


Helen works outside and takes care of her children perfectly.

I like going out and walking around the town with my friends.

My brother loves dogs and cats.



We use so as a conjunction when the second sentence is giving a result of the first sentence.


You didn’t study much for the test so don’t expect a good mark for it.

The party was boring last night so we left early.

It is snowing heavily so the schools are closed.



To bring the reason for an action the conjunction because can be used.


We missed the plane because we got to the airport late.

Everybody loves Mary because she is a lovely person.

I don’t talk to her because she is not a loyal friend.



To connect two sentences that have alternatives or can be used.


Do you like tea or coffee?

You can take it or leave it.

It can be sunny or rainy tomorrow it doesn’t matter the class is on time.



To connect two negative actions, the conjunction nor is used.


I can neither drink coffee nor tea because I’m allergic to both of them.

Neither Mary nor Janet is a good student.

I speak neither French nor German. I can only speak English.



When we want to say that something will happen no matter what then the word even can be used.


I won’t miss the interview even if it rains heavily.

She works hard even when she is sick.

They will not come to our party even if we invite them.

They are living too far from us.

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