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9 Dec
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Adverbs of frequency are used when we want to talk about how often something happens and they are usually used in simple present sentences.

In this article, we tell you how they are used in a sentence and how often they happen.

The adverbs of frequency are:

Always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever and never.

Let’s look at each one with an example.



The adverb means all the time.



I always sleep early at night.

She is always late.


As you can see the adverb comes before the main verb in this case “sleep” and after the verb to be in this case “is”.

Adverbs of frequencies are all like this relating to their place in a sentence.



When these adverbs are used we refer to a verb that happens 50 to 90 percent of the time. The frequency of often is less than usual.



I usually visit my parents during a week. (probability: 4-5 times a week)

I often visit my parents during a week. (probability: 2-3 times a week)

She is usually concentrated in class. (most of the time)

She is often concentrated in class. (not always but less than most of the time)


Again as you see they come before the main verb and after the verb to be.



The adverb’s probability is 50 percent and it can come anywhere in the sentence. At the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a sentence.



She sometimes drinks milk before sleeping.

Sometimes, she drinks milk before sleeping.

She drinks milk before sleeping sometimes.


All of the above sentences are correct and the adverb can be used anywhere in a sentence.


Hardly ever(seldom)

When a verb happens with very low probability the adverb hardly ever or seldom can be used.



We hardly ever travel during winter.



The adverb is used for the actions that happen with zero probability.



We never tell her anything because she can’t keep a secret.


There are a few other adverbs that can be used too but the mentioned ones are the most important and used ones.

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