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16 Oct
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Adverbs define and explain verbs.


Quickly: She ran so quickly that no one could reach her.

Quietly: He spoke so quietly that no one could hear him.

As you can see the adverbs talk and define the verbs run and speak.

Adverbs can be classified as










Let us see how each one is.


Adverbs of degree

When we want to explain the strength or intensity of something we use adverbs of degree. They can be used to answer the questions of how much…or how little.

Totally, virtually, strongly, extremely, highly, and partially are just some examples.

She totally forgot about the situation.


Adverbs of duration

They explain how long something happened.

Briefly, shortly, and permanently are some examples.

Our teacher briefly explained the last chapter to the class.

She permanently quit smoking.


Adverbs of frequency

They tell us how often something is done.

Always, usually, often, and sometimes are just some examples.

We always eat out on weekends.

Our parents often come to my house.


Adverbs of manner

Some adverbs tell us how some actions should be performed or is performed.

Anxiously, carefully, happily and quickly are some examples.

They waited anxiously for their test result.

She told us the good news happily.


Adverbs of place

They tell us where something happened.

Abroad, anywhere, underground and somewhere are some examples.

They went abroad to study.

I can study anywhere.


Adverbs of probability

They explain how probable it is for something to happen.

Certainly, maybe, possibly and perhaps are some examples.

We probably have some guests tomorrow.

It will possibly rain tonight.


Adverbs of time

Some adverbs tell us when something is going to happen or happened.

Now, soon, yesterday and afterward are some examples.

The police arrested the bank rubber yesterday.

We are going to paint our house soon.


Comparative adverbs

Adverbs of comparisons show how better or worse is one thing comparing to others.

After his accident, he drives more carefully.


Superlative Adverbs

They explain how one thing is the best among others.

Jill did the best in the test.


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