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11 Dec
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The two tenses “present perfect” and “past perfect” may be sometimes be confused with the new beginners. We have tried to write a story for you to make it easier for you to know the difference between the two tenses.

“when I first came to Spain it was very hard for me because I hadn’t experienced immigration before but I had heard that it was a good country to study. At first, it was hard but little by little I got used to it. I have been here for nearly two years and I have been studying since I got to the country. My university is good and I hadn’t experienced anything like this before. That’s why I have decided to stay here after I finish my studies to find a job. Coming here has been the best thing that I have done so far.”


As you can see the story is written in past form but some actions have happened before other ones and those are the tenses that are used in past perfect form. They are:

Hadn’t experienced

Had heard


The examples of present perfect are:

Have been

Have decided

Has been

Have done


Let’s have a review of the two tenses.

When an action happens before another one in past time thenpast perfect is used. The structure is had+p.p


When I got home my husband had eaten his dinner.

When we got to the station the bus had left.


When an action has happened in the past and the result is still here then present perfect is used. The structure is have/has+p.p


I have been there since I can remember.

She has worked there for three years.


Hope the explanations and the story have made the differences clear for you.


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