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7 Dec
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Fred had a red rubber ball. He kicked the ball. It flew through the air. He picked it up. He threw it against a wall. The ball came back to Fred. He kicked it with his foot again. The ball flew over the wall. He picked it up again. He bounced it on the street. The ball bounced up and down. Then it stopped bouncing up and down. It didn’t move. Fred’s dog barked at the ball. Fred didn’t kick the ball again because he became tire.

He went back home with his dog to have lunch. After the lunch, Fred called his friend to go out together. Fred’s friend accepted the idea. They went out to a park to play basketball. Fred’s dog stayed home. They played until it was dark. They decided to go to a movie. They saw the movie but they didn’t like it. So, to remove the bad mood they went to a fast food restaurant. They had a hamburger with fries and a diet Coke.

After they had dinner together they went home.


As you can see in the short story above all the tenses are in simple past. The verbs are as follows.

Have: had

Kick: kicked

Fly: flew

Pick: picked

Throw: threw

Bounce: bounced

Bark: barked

Stop: stopped

Go: went

Call: called

Accept: accepted

Stay: stayed

Play: played

Decide: decided

See: saw


By reading a story every day you can practice your reading and at the same time, you learn the correct grammar and new vocabularies.

The above story is about simple past keep reading other stories with different tenses and find and highlight the words that have their different structure and like we did for you compare the simple tense with the tense introduced.

We will try to have other stories for you with different tenses. So, keep following our articles.

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