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13 Dec
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Almost most of the English learners hate learning English grammar. Even If we’re asked to present 101 grammar points of our mother language at a conference, we will hardly find a way to do it.

It’s time to face this challenge that we’re not aware of the grammar rules of our mother language.

But you should pay attention that learning English grammar is more valuable and you shouldn’t give up for any excuses. Remember that when you learned your language at your childhood, you didn’t know anything about grammar rules. You just started to speaking and using new words, and then you completely learned how to speak unconsciously.

You should do the same for learning a new language, it’s mutual. as more you become skilled, you know more about grammar rules and you can make it practical.

First, we should define the word “Grammar” and pay attention to how much it’s important. Then we will introduce a few secrets to controversial learning of grammar rules:

Define: Usually, grammar has been vaguely defined to us; do you actually know what is grammar? It’s simple: it’s the principle of language which is about terminology and syntax; actually, it’s the way to organize words into sentences.

1) First, learn basic principles

It’s simple. When you have completely learned about the basic principles, you can go for learning grammar. As long as you don’t know about basic skills of listening and comprehending don’t think about grammar.

2) Pay attention to words order

You can learn about the language structure by speaking, reading and listening. For example, specifying the words order, the gender of words and articles can be learned just by studying basic principles and you don’t have to know about grammar rules. First, you should keep the words order in your mind.

3) Make the educational resources accessible

You can easily answer your every question by educational resources, so make sure that they’re easily accessible. You will never be surprised by new words if you have translation software on your phone. Some of these kinds of application have the ability to translate texts, websites content, and conversation into over 100 world languages.

4) Watching movies

This is the favorite part of most learners. Being exposed to the language smooth the way of learning intonation and words. You can also know about different grammar rules by watching different videos on YOUTUBE. 

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