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5 Sep
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A list of short forms in English grammar

In the English grammar, there is what we call short forms or contracted forms of structures. These are not necessarily sentences, although they can be, such as the shortest English sentence, I AM, which when contracted, becomes I’M. The short form is used a lot in the English language, especially in the spoken form. An Apostrophe (‘) is always used in order to replace the missing letter(s). The only way to know how and when to use one, it is important to know which ones apply. This takes practice in reading and listening. The Short forms are for the most part common among all English speaking countries. The list below contains plenty of short forms of statements that are have always been used in the English language:
I am – I’m
He is – He’s
She is – She’s
It is – It’s
You are – You’re
We are – We’re
They are – They’re
He is not – He isn’t
We are not – we aren’t
I was not – I wasn’t
She was not – She wasn’t
You were not – You weren’t
They do not – They don’t
I have – I’ve
It has – It’s
Let us – Let’s
You have – You’ve
They have – They’ve
I/he/she/it/you/we/they had – I’d/he’d/she’d/it’d/you’d/we’d/they’d
I/he/she/it/you/we/they could not - I/he/she/it/you/we/they couldn’t
I/he/she/it/you/we/they shall not - I/he/she/it/you/we/they shan’t
I/he/she/it/you/we/they should not - I/he/she/it/you/we/they shouldn’t
I/he/she/it/you/we/they would not - I/he/she/it/you/we/they wouldn’t
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