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19 Jul
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Which English speaker to have a conversation with

conversation in English
There are many different factors that lead to a good conversation in English. Speaking with a native English speaker is one of those important factors. On the other hand, when we are not able to speak perfect English, where we are makes a difference and whom we approach for a conversation has a great impact on our experience and education. As it happens, English speakers can come from various backgrounds, so in this article we will go through whom is who in an English speaking country and what you can expect from each group. Therefore, here we will produce a general overview of the demographic profile for those you need to speak English with if you would like to go to the next level.
The first and most influential group is the immigrant population that has lived in an English speaking country for a while. This is because immigrant can understand you better than anyone. That is because they have been there and done that. Another reason you should find someone who is of immigrant background is that they probably have a number of family members who do not speak English very well. This allows them to have a better understanding of what you may say and can help you correct your pronunciation or even tell you how to say something.
The next best group to have a conversation with is senior citizens. This group is usually very nice and patient. They also have a good amount of time on their hands and can sit down and have a good old conversation with anyone who is willing. Another reason is that they also need someone to talk about and that makes them very receptive. You can even go to a Bingo game and find them sitting there and just waiting to make friends. Bingo is a relaxed game that can also help you with numbers like nothing else.
Another group is also really welcoming and that is young people who are students themselves. If you find a few people who are university or college students, then you are set to learn, not to mention making friends with a couple of them will also help you with establishing a social life. That is something you really need if you want to emerge in an English culture. As well, students are open to learning and their minds are fresh with information, which they can share with you in a heartbeat. Now the best of all to find for a good conversation are students who are studying abroad or those who are also from a ethnic background. They will help you with all the things you need as far as where to go for fun, eat, play, and socialize. Once you find a friend, then others are sure to fallow. So, don’t forget that at the end of the day, making a sympathetic friend is what you alternatively need to do if you want your English skills to flourish in the best way possible.
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